Leederville Toy Library

Financial Membership

All members must be current (paid up) financial members of the Toy Library to be able to borrow toys.  This ensures that members are insured whilst attending the Toy Library and on Roster Duty.



As an organisation managed and operated by volunteers, the Toy Library relies on members to actively participate in operations of the Toy Library.


As a member of the Toy Library you have committed to:

« Participate in up to three roster duties per year.

« Assist with the annual stocktake for a minimum of three hours.

« Participate in fundraising and other activities.

« Attend the Annual General Meeting.

« Take care of the toys and return them clean and in good condition.

« Pay for the replacement of any toy returned in an unusable condition.


Your bond may not be reimbursed if you do not fulfil your obligations. The Committee may also suspend your borrowing privileges for 2 months if you do not fulfil your obligations. This means you may not borrow toys but you are still expected to fulfil your membership obligations.


Care of Toys

We ask that all members agree to treat toys lent to their family with reasonable care. Toys (including outdoor toys) must be cleaned prior to returning. Please clean the toys as if you were going to loan them to a friend – because in a sense you are! MiBase records the borrowing history on toys and LTL reserves the right to ask you to take them home again if returned in a poor state.

If any toy is damaged or destroyed so that the toy is rendered useless, then the Leederville Toy Library reserves the right to ask the member to either replace or pay the replacement cost. In particular we ask families who damage DVDs to purchase a replacement copy, rather than return to the library an unusable disk.  Please do not remove the clear sleeve with the orange rim on the DVDs.


Roster Duty

Members may be required to undertake up to three rostered shifts a year. 

Rosters are issued prior to the commencement of the new term and emailed to the address you have supplied.  Please ensure you or someone from your family shows up – or the toy library may not be able to open. If you need to change your rostered duty, please find someone to swap with well in advance. Phone numbers are noted on the roster for this purpose and should not be circulated beyond LTL members.

A manual describing the roster duties is kept at the Toy Library. 

It is each member’s responsibility to know when your next roster is! Members who plead ignorance may expect a double shift next quarter. 

Roster Policy

The LTL roster policy is as follows.

The toy library operates on a volunteer member basis in order to keep membership costs very low.  Without the support of the members the toy library could not operate and one of the key obligations is performing roster duty up to a maximum of three  times per year (depending on member numbers) and attending the annual stocktake. 

If a member misses a rostered duty they:

-        will be sent a “Missed Roster” notice

-        will be obliged to perform an additional “penalty” roster day as well as making up the missed roster duty

If a member misses two rostered duties (including stocktake) in a calendar year their membership may be cancelled and their bond forfeited.

Cancellation of Membership

If a borrower consistently returns toys in a state of disrepair or is consistently overdue, or due to any other reasonable concern, the Committee reserves the right to cancel membership.


Intention not to renew

We ask that you notify us of your intention not to renew your membership at least a month in advance. Please email leedervilletoylibrary@gmail.com and shayes@hotmail.co.uk to notify the Roster Co-ordinator and the Membership co-ordinator.

Please also make sure you complete any rostered duty that you are scheduled for during that quarter. Failure to complete allocated roster duties or stocktake may result in the $50 bond being forfeited.


Taking a break from the Roster

If you are expecting a baby, or know that you’re not able to do a roster for an extended period of time, we can make an allowance for this.

The easiest way is to fulfill your quota of rosters prior to taking time out from the roster.  An extra shift will give you at least six months latitude.

To make arrangements please email the roster coordinator.



Stocktake takes place annually over a two-week period, usually in August.

The Toy Library is closed for two weeks and all toys must be returned on the Saturday prior to commencement of stocktake.  

Members are required to do at least one three hour shift on the stocktake weekend each year.  This does not need to be the registered member; partners or other family members are welcome to share this responsibility.

We encourage members to make this a childfree session in order to maximise the amount of work that gets done and to have a good look at the toys without the kids being there. If this is not an option, then we will accommodate children. 

A roster is posted on the notice board and all members are obliged to nominate a convenient time to help. 

Members who are away or unable to make the stocktake will have to make up this time, by either doing two additional roster sessions, attending one of our annual sausage sizzles or they can arrange to take costumes, games or puzzles home to clean.


Annual General Meeting

An Annual General Meeting (AGM) is held each year at which time all members on the Management Committee resign and new Management Committee members are elected from nominees.

It is a requirement that all members attend the AGM. The meeting is usually held in October and the formalities are concluded within an hour.

The AGM is your opportunity to find out what’s happening, to voice your opinion and have a say into the running of the toy library.



It is our intention to be a useful community service that meets the needs of its members.  If you have any suggestions on toys to buy, or the management of the toy library, the committee is happy to hear from you. 

Talk to a supervisor who will place your request in the communications file.  The file is read during the committee meetings so any suggestions should be received within the month. 

Happy playing!